Roots in California, Planted in Tennessee

Meet The Crew

Califarmia Food Truck Crew - Nashville

Zach’s journey to the Food Truck took several twists and turns through the world of finance before landing him in Nashville working with his brother in Hopewell Gardens.  For Zach, the Food Truck was a unique opportunity to work with friends to bring the fruits of working the ground to those in his neighborhood.

Favorite Movie:  Finding Forrester

Favorite Band: The National

Favorite home cooked meal: Chicken on toast


Brian discovered his love for cooking in college preparing meals for his friends and family. Originally from California, his style of cooking incorporates fresh produce and unique flavor profiles which find their way onto our truck all the time. Brian lives with his wife and three children right near our base of operations in Old Hickory. 

Favorite Movie: A River Runs Through It 

Favorite Band: The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite home cooked meal: Pizza with prosciutto, goat cheese and basil.


Food has this way of equalizing people when they sit with one another and share what they have. If I can bring people together from the grill or a window on the truck, I'd consider myself a very lucky man. And if there's one thing I'm proud of on a daily basis, it's that my kids think I'm some kind of super hero and the food truck is my super car.

Movie:  Inside Man

Band: Rage Against the Machine

Favorite Meal:  Grilled anything with friends


Andrew started working with Califarmia after volunteering with Hopewell Gardens for several years. He enjoys the process that begins with planting a seed and ends with serving those around him.  Andrew loves to work alongside his friends. He is a father, husband, and aspiring farmer.

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite Band: Ben Folds

Favorite Homestyle Meal: My wife's spaghetti  and meatballs