Califarmia In a NutShell 

Fresh ingredients from local farmers in Nashville.

A creative menu based on California style cuisine that's a fusion of Latin, Asian, and good ol' American classics.

Employees who value being kind and quick.

A clean truck and a healthy meal.

This is the Califarmia Food Truck.

Our Crew

   From Left to Right - Mitchell, Brian, Zach, Corey, Andrew and Rafa

From Left to Right - Mitchell, Brian, Zach, Corey, Andrew and Rafa

Our Story

We have a bit of a unique story.  We are a group of friends that all met working together with a local non-profit.  Our Manager's brother is the Garden Manager at Hopewell Gardens,  one of our local sources. 

We saw the Food Truck as a natural extension of the work we were doing in food production.  After growing locally, the next step is to eat locally.  Califarmia desires not only to support our growing partner - Hopewell Gardens, but other local purveyors who share our passion for sustainable food production right here in Nashville.  

When we launched Califarmia, we were convicted to source from local growers and farmers.  We value fresh ingredients that are good for people and taste great!  We want to be a positive contribution to the small-business sector in Nashville.  In the end, we're just a couple of guys looking to serve creative food and experiences, but between those ends, there's a lot of heart to be good people that care about others.

Our Food